Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our New Bathroom!

As promised, for my last post of the year, I am delighted to reveal the end results of almost 2 years blood, sweat & tears converting the Bathroom-From-Hell into the Bathroom-From-Heaven! While there are a few things not quite complete, (the 2nd shower rose is still sitting on the floor ready to be thrown up, the far side panel of the vanity bar needs to be fixed in & the newly painted door needs to be put on its hinges), it's pretty much done. This room is never going to win any awards for style & design, but I'm so thrilled with the results & that's all that matters. Our main objective was to turn a tiny, dark, grotty, disgusting space of 1.7m. x 3.1m into something functional & light. All on a budget of under $10,000 & doing all of the work except the plumbing & the major electrical ourselves on the weekends.

Here's what we started with. The original 1972 tiled floor, no power points, a shower over the bath, desperately inadequate storage & poor lighting.

We barrowed lots & lots of bricks down the stairs & out via the front door!

The rotting timber window had a bizarre external grid of bricks on the outer wall, MOTH ripped those off early in the piece to try & let some light in.

The space is still the same & we needed to keep all of the major items (loo, basin, shower) in exactly the same spots to save on plumbing relocation costs.

Despite some initial doubts that the configuration would work, I think it all flows really well & just feels so much more spacious.

I knew from the start that I wanted a really, really big mirror to create the illusion of lots more space than we actually have. I had to really fight to convince MOTH & the manufacturers that I needed such a huge mirror. This is what we had before, with the man of the moment starting to rip the tiles off the bath surround on Day 1 of the reno.

And here's what's in the same place now - I really think it works a treat.

The single shower over the bath before image.

And now the double shower recess. We decided against installing a bath here, as I'm planning on putting one in the en-suite when it gets it's much-needed renovation next year. Yes, that thud you heard was the sound of MOTH dropping to the floor in dismay!

As you can see the ceiling height here sloped up & was too high, so MOTH built a frame & dropped it down & we now have 2 varying heights in the room. The yucky window went......... be replaced by a bank of clear glass bricks. I love being able to see all the big trees from our front garden through the glass & all that daylight is scrumptious.

Look away now if you are a fragile flower, as this is not a pretty picture!

A great improvement in the loo department! So here it is, albeit a brief post. I want to do a more thorough post on the project & will do that soon. MOTH has had many structural challenges along the way with this room & he reckons this project has been his renovation nemesis, but I think he's amazing for a 62 year old amateur!!

I go on 3 weeks vacation today & the first of our interstate Christmas guests has just arrived, so I need to say my goodbyes now until next year. I have had another year of blog love, thank you, thank you to everyone who's left comments or lurked, kept our spirits up & had a laugh with's been a pleasure beyond all measure. Merry Christmas from all of us at The Hedge & I'll be back in the New Year. xx



  1. I love it - what a fab outcome from all that hard work - congratulations - what a chrissy present :) best le

  2. What a phenomenal transformation of your bathroom! It is so luxurious and sleek and I adore those glass bricks which let in so much wonderful light. You should be so proud of all the hard work that has gone into creating such a beautiful room. Hope your Christmas is a lovely one - Amanda x

  3. Kudos to you, Millie, for enduring the two year bathroom renovation and MOTH for doing such a splendid job.

    It is a gorgeous renovation - light and airy.

    It looks like the bathroom should always have been like that originally. Just lovely!!

  4. Oh and Merry Christmas to everyone at The Laurel Hedge. xx

  5. I'm so glad I stayed up for the big reveal!
    How nice will it be to check-in to your new spa for the new year!
    Have yourselves a long shower & a glass of bubbly and start the celebrating!
    xo Lisa

  6. Millie it looks so great and you are going to really enjoy using the new bathroom!

    Come and enter my Giveaway from My Sparrow, you will love it!

    Joyeaux Noel!

    Art by Karena

  7. I L.O.V.E IT!!!

    Good on you for having the vision and persistence [and skill with cattle-prod if I recall correctly] Millie, the result is truly special.

    To MOTH - you are a 'Wonder' and a living breathing example of 'if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger' - can't wait to see you work your magic on the ensuite!

    Merry Christmas to you both,

    Felicity x

  8. It's beautiful Millie. Well done to both of you. You have given me hope that my own bathroom renovation is achievable - I just have to convince hubby :) Merry Christmas. B(one of your lurkers).

  9. Millie , just beautiful, I think I remember the time when he dropped the paint up there? No signs of that anymore ... looks so fresh. Im happy its all done for you now... any new projects for MOTH? Julie in Holland :)

  10. Congratulations Millie...the bathroom is a the white, the light and the bowl style basin...beautiful. Have a wonderful break and thank you for so much joy and laughter this past year...I appreciate your sense of humour and the smiles and chuckles you bring my way..Happy Christmas to you and MOTH, xv.

  11. I'm so happy for you and your new bathroom! Just lovely.

    Have a gorgeous Christmas and a Happy New Year...enjoy!
    love DJ

  12. Wow Millie! I think I just unwrapped my first Christmas present - definitely worth waiting for. Your bathroom looks wonderful. Well done for insisting on the large mirror. Tell MOTH from us that he's a star.
    Happy Christmas to you both

  13. Millie, it's beautiful! Well done! A very Merry Christmas to you all! xxoo

  14. THERE IT IS! THERE IT IS! Wow Millie, it's beautiful. Very much worth the wait. The shower is incredible and I love the recessed niche. It's all very soothing and spa-like. Bet you're enjoying it! Enjoy your guests too and your break. Have a wonderful Christmas..will catch up with you in the New Year..Love Rachaelxx

  15. Oh thank you Millie,

    For showing us the bathroom this side of Christmas. It all looks so stunning and the daylight....well, bravo for glass bricks, I say. It looks so clean and luxurious, you'd have to be wrapped. Well done to MOTH for pulling out all stops before Christmas!!!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to both of you and your families.

    Thanks also for keeping us entertained this year. Look forward to more of the same in 2011

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  16. Merry Christmas Millie & MOTH! Wow, you've really ended the year on a high note with your gorgeous bathroom-from-heaven. Congratulations on a truly fabulous renovation. Lee :)

  17. What a fab makeover. It looks so clean and stylish. Well done, Millie and MOTH. After Mr M has a few Chrissy drinks I may lure him to this reno and extract a promise of similar works. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

  18. WOW, wow, wow!!!!! This is the best Christmas post we could have asked for Millie!!!! Lovely to see it finished at last :)

    What a brilliant job MOTH has done - love those glass bricks, the room is beautiful.

    I did giggle though at the news that more bathroom renovations are on their way!!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Millie and family xxxx

  19. Just gorgeous Milly! How lovely to have it finished before Christmas - bathrooms are on my list for next year. Merry Christmas to you and all your boys (including MOTH)! Tracey & Hayley xx

  20. It's a wonderful transformation and looks twice the size. What a marvel MOTH is.

  21. OverthehillbutgreatviewDecember 23, 2010 at 8:59 PM

    Aaaaw......Sigh ......Bewdiful Bathroom
    Enjoy your family at Christmas and well deserved break. Look forward to more Millie and Moth humour 2011 xD

  22. Your bathroom looks gorgeous. I have recently renovated a couple of bathrooms and done a similar thing by removing the bath and replacing with a large shower. Showertime will be bliss for you from now on. Enjoy. x

  23. Awww, he's a keeper isn't he? The bathroom looks sensational thanks to your foresight and MOTH's perseverance. I hope you all have a wonderful break for the next three weeks and a very Merry Christmas. I look forward to my daily chuckle in 2011.

    Jennifer xx

  24. What a transformation Millie!
    Just gorgeous and looks so stunning.Just in time for the holidays!

  25. Millie it is just beautiful! Well done - you must be in heaven and just in time for christmas. Have a lovely celebration and thank you for all your lovely comments and support this year - can't wait to see what 2011 brings for all of us!! Leanne xx

  26. Oh, Millie, *squeal*! What a delightful transformation - your hard work and determination have finally paid off. Bravo. MOTH is a legend. Dead set.

    I'm so delighted to have found you in the vast expanses of Blogland. Thanks for your beautiful support. Have a fab break and see you back at The Hedge on 2011. J x

  27. Dear Mills,
    Well, you and MOTH must be SO pleased with the results of your labours. The BFH looks beautiful. It was well worth the wait !! Can't wait to follow the renovation of the en suite !! My only gripe was that we didn't get any gift wrapping ideas from MOTH this year. Understandable though as I'm sure the BFH had priority !!!!....although I'm sure he found a little time for Victoria's Secret !! Haha
    Wishing you and yours the most wonderful, special and magical time this Christmas. Thank you so much for all of your brilliant posts and your lovely comments over at mine. Please give MOTH a big kiss from me for the laughs that he has given throughout 2010 !! Lots of love. XXXX

  28. Millie - This is a spectacular, gorgeous space. I love all the light, glass, and the clean lines of the vanity. What do you mean it wouldn't win any design awards? It certainly would! Congratulations and Merry Christmas to you and MOTH.

  29. Hi Millie - I hope you give MOTH an 'extra' pressie this Christmas..*wink* *wink*. Your new loo is perfection. I would hate to use it.

    Enjoy each minute of those 3 weeks & I have to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year once again to you all!!

    Cheers xo Deb

  30. Applause, Applause!!!!!!
    It is GORGEOUS!! I think you should show it to AD- looks like a one of the fabulous bathrooms you see in their mag!
    You and MOTH did a wonderful job (and of course by your job Millie I mean in telling MOTH what to do:)
    Congratulations on your beautiful bath!

    Merry Christmas from our home to yours..... see you next year!


  31. totally awesome! I showed your redo to my plumber hubby, he was very impressed! I love the clean lines! It sort of has a "European" style (at least that's what they call it here in the States). Simplicity is what I call it. You and MOTH did an amazing job, I am so impressed as well!

  32. Ahhh.... Just lovely Millie!
    Well worth the wait.
    I also want to thank you for your wonderful friendship this year, Millie.
    I wish you, MOTH, and your family a healthy and joyous New Year!


  33. Simply divine & super stylish! A commendable job, and beautiful finish. Well done to you both its a gorgeous bathroom to be proud of.
    Merry Christmas.
    Rebecca x

  34. Your bathroom looks fabulous and such a great use of the space you have. Well done MOTH and well done you for putting up with the mess for two years. Merry Christmas!

  35. Millie, you and MOTH have definitely done a fantastic job!
    I love the light and spacious feel of the bathroom. Mirrors and lots of them really do make a difference in small spaces.
    MOTH does need another bathroom reno next year ... and imagine how quick the next one will happen ... I'm sure it wont take anywhere near as long!!

    Happy holidays to you and your family ... looking forward to many more reads in the new year!

  36. WOW..WOW..Congratulations your New Bathroom is just Divine!!
    Well Done...
    Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year to you & your Family....
    Thanks for stopping by my Blog this year it's been Fun to say the least....
    ho ho ho

  37. Millie your gorgeous bathroom is every bit as beautiful as I thought it would be! Merry Christmas to you and your darling MOTH - I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I look forward to more of your unique adventures in 2011. Leigh

  38. Merry Christmas to you and MOTH Dear Millie..
    I hope it is filled with love and laughter and that the new year brings you much joy!!!

    Congrats on your bathroom!!! I think it looks wonderful and you must be so excited that it is finished.. Well done to MOTH,... Take care and see you next year.. ciao xxxx Julie

  39. beautiful, millie and moth. just beautiful! im sure you smile every time you walk in. merry christmas millie and moth! enjoy your guests! pam

  40. Wow, what a fantastic job you all did! The space is so very different, it looks like it belongs in a magazine...that is quite a handy man you've got there. Happy Holidays!

  41. Merry Christmas to you & MOTH Millie. The bathroom is fabulous by the way.


  42. I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas! I'm so glad you are my bloggy friend!

    The bathroom is just stunning! Wow! Enjoy!


  43. I just yelled out to the kids "NO WAY!! Millie has her bathroom!!" And what a bathroom it is. Such elegance and style:) I feel a bit sad though....what are we all going to harrass MOTH about now?

    A very Merry Christmas to you and MOTH and your gorgeous boys. Thank you for being my Fairy Blogmother and harbinger of all good things. I hope you have a well deserved relax over the next three weeks. Bring on 2011 @ The Hedge!! Meredy xo

  44. YAY, it looks perfect. Well done! Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

  45. Fantastic Millie Boy all the hardwork has paid off
    I hope you ,Moth, family and friends have the most wonderful Xmas.
    I look forward to your return
    Kind Regards

  46. Oh my Millie - that would have to be the best Christmas present a girl could have. I hope you and MOTH have a brilliant Christmas. You will have to emerge from the bathroom at some time. Well done that man of yours!
    Amanda xx

  47. It is so beautiful and you so deserve it. Merry Christmas, Millie and Moth.

    Love, Heidi

  48. Oh Millie what a lovely post to see from you! The one we have been waiting for so much.
    The new bathroom is magnificent and well worth the wait. Well done to Moth and you for the great job, you both deserve a medal and what a great Christmas present.
    Wishing you, sweet friend the happiest ever Christmas and a wonderful holidays with your family.
    Thanks for all the laughs and fun you share with us, and I look forward to more next year.


  49. Millie, I am beaming, it if finally done and it looks wonderful! I recall a very special guest room in
    One of your posts too... I think now you may have a hard time getting the guests to leave! You have entertained and delighted us all with your posts Millie....I look forward to many more:)
    Best wishes Millie to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas!

    Jeanne xx

  50. wow, wow, WOW!!!!
    MOTH you are amazing, nice job.
    enjoy the luxury Millie, you've got a keeper there.

    all the very best to you for the new year lovely lady & thank you for your wonderfully sweet words throughout the year.
    many hugs to you ♥

  51. What a fabulous bathroom Millie. Well done to you and MOTH.

    Wishing you a joyous Christmas and an exciting New Year. Enjoy your break.

    Sandy K

  52. Wow. If MOTH has any spare time you could send him across the ditch! Merry Christmas to you and yours,
    Regards David and Peter.x

  53. Now THAT's a Christmas present! Gorgeous job! XX!

  54. Bravo... ce changement est radical et cette nouvelle salle de bain est formidable...
    Joyeuses fêtes...

  55. Fantastic result. I think it would easily win a 'design award'. And the fact you did it yourself makes it even better. Well done on the big fight for the larger mirror. Makes the space even brighter. Hope you and your christmas house-guests are enjoying the spa-like surrounds.

    A day late for Christmas wishes from me, so I'll say Happy New Year (-:

  56. Dear Millie
    I wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS, filled with love, family, friends

    BFH is now bathroom from heaven. Looks fantastic.

  57. Absolutely stunning! I love the brick windows, bowl, double shower. You must feel like your in heaven in there. Fiona

  58. amazing transformation milie. always love to see before and afters, enjoy that divine bathroom
    happy new year

  59. oooh la la.. it looks like it was worth the wait!!!

  60. Perfect. It looks like a spa...

    Warm blessings,

  61. Happy Belated Birthday! Love, Heidi

  62. Congratulations it looks amazing worth the wait, well done to you both, love it xx

  63. oh my... that was surely worth the wait! (easy for me to say) ....

    oh millie... you are so darling and i so love our friendship....
    wishing you health happiness and peace in the new year....


  64. HI Millie
    I just popped back to say Thank You .. you are an angel!!! Hope you're having a wonderful week.. xxx Julie

  65. Wow, what a transformation! And the biggest satisfaction is the fact that you have done most of it yourself!

    We can totally relate to long term diy projects - we used to live without kitchen cabinet doors for almost two years :)

    Your bathroom should be featured in design magazines.

    Kinga from Canada

  66. Wishing you and Moth a very Happy New Year Millie! And what a wonderful bathroom this turned out to be! That Moth is a keeper!

    Hugs and smiles,


  67. You can probably imagine what our bathroom looks like. We picked out the color green for the fixtures (tub and lavatory and toilet)and the tile on the wall. It was really nice in 1962 when we moved in and we so enjoyed it. It was up to date and looked pretty spiffy then. Now, it is out of date and a little tired looking but it still works. We have never changed it though we have talked about changing it. I suspect it will remain as is until we pass on. It in something like an antique now and antiques are "in" around here.

    You really did a masterful job on this bathroom overhaul. It is a real beauty.

  68. Millie and MOTH,

    It's amazing. It's beautiful. It's finished.

    Congratulations on a job well done.

  69. That is one GORGEOUS bathroom!! Totally worth the wait!

    Happy New Year Millie!!

  70. Darling Millie - WOW! love it, love it. You must not know yourself in this beautiful bathroom - what an incredible transformation. I love the glass bricks, and the little recess in the wall in the shower (that is what i want to do too, eventually when i redo my bathroom...)

    I am sure it will get an incredible work out as you entertain over the Christmas/New Year period.

    Looking forward to a much needed catch up of all locals in blogland in the New Year - lets do it! xx

  71. Happy New Year Millie! The bathroom is beautiful and I'm so happy for you! Mine is still not finished, as I've been a bit sidelined for the last six months. Seeing your finished room inspires me to carry on.

  72. Love it Millie. Well done to you and MOTH.

  73. What a wonderful transformation! I love before and after pictures! Enjoy the new bath, Kellie xx

  74. Dear Millie

    Happy New Year!

    I'm so pleased you finally have the bathroom of your dreams, you totally deserve it - how is that for the best xmas pressie ever! Its so stylish, like being in a fabulous hotel everyday :)

    Vanya xx

  75. i heard thru the grapevine that your birthday is this month!!!! hope it is the very best ever sweet millie...
    what day is it????

  76. Bathroom From Hell turnt into Beauty From Heaven!
    Have a wonderful 2011!
    Bisous from Versailles,

  77. Millie , what a gorgeous bathroom I adore I think you will have to send MOTH over here to Vic for some present wrapping lessons!!!! A DJ bag under the tree, reaaalllyyy???? Send him out to blog land...we will have him trained in no time..ha ha...

  78. May I borrow MOTH!
    REally hip and it.

  79. Wow, I can't believe I missed this post Millie - you must still be revelling in the wonderful space ;)

    wishing you a joyful day.... and a year filled with happiness...

  81. I'm an interior designer from Melbourne - I loved your blog, I found it very inspiring. This is all new to me but I have just set up my own blog
    You may like to check it out because I had so much fun doing it.
    Thanks for providing me with such great entertainment!

  82. Millie and Moth,
    Take a bow for your grand performance! I was impressed with your bedroom/guest room make-over, but your bathroom remodel is over the top perfection. It is absolutely fabulous. Will your guests ever want to leave???

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Rita

  83. I'll add one more to your million other comments! Wonderful renovation, the glass bricks are fab - nothing better than seeing trees as you shower (I imagine!).Love you to visit my blog sometime, I greatly enjoy yours. Thanks and Happy New Year to you and your family, Naomi

  84. Need to know that you and your family are ok, so please post. Love, Heidi

  85. Happy New Year Milly and what a wonderful reno! You can definitely hit the hospital improvement circuit with Jane ;-) Here's to reviving MOTH with a few well deserved beers.
    Chin chin and looking forward to your next stories

  86. Millie - thanks so much for your encouraging words on my blog. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New year and enjoyed your trip!! That bathroom is super fab and you both should be very pleased with yourself. I think it should win a design award!

  87. In my best Sing Songy voice..Love it!!

  88. total wow! so impressed. and that you guys did most of the work and saved all that cash is awesome. please post more - I'd love to see all the details...

    great job.

  89. So glad to know that y'all are ok. Wasn't for sure if you had sons in Brisbane or perhaps you and MOTH had gone on a vacation there.
    Such a horrible ordeal, yet the spirit of the Australian people amazes me to no end. Love, Heidi

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